Commercial Boiler Servicing in High Wycombe

Commercial Boiler Installations & Servicing

Do you have a boiler emergency? Whether it’s boiler breakdown or pipe leak, we at High Wycombe Plumbing can provide you with a premium commercial boiler repair service. All of our professionals have the necessary expertise to get your commercial boiler back up and running.

Boiler Installations & Servicing

    Our Approach To Commercial Boiler Installations

    1. Talk To The Experts

    Firstly our fully accredited plumbing engineers can provide you with a free consultation to discuss the best boiler options for you.

    2. Get A Quote and Set The Installation Date

    After choosing the most suitable boiler for your project, we’ll provide you with a bespoke quote and a preferred installation date.

    3. Boiler Installation

    Our in-house plumbing experts will deliver and install your new boiler!

    Commercial Boiler Installations and Servicing

    Client Testimonials

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    How Much Does a New Boiler Cost?

    These are factors to be considered to accurately estimate the cost of a new commercial boiler:

    1. Type of Boiler

    Common repairs are either necessary boiler maintenance or spare parts replacement. The average range of cost for boiler maintenance services like cleaning or resetting the pressure is £75 – £100.

    Some boiler brands like Valliant, don’t sell spare parts to the public and only accredited engineers can order them. Our accredited engineers here in High Wycombe Plumbing are more than willing to do that job for you.

    2. Brand

    The brand also plays a vital role in the performance of your preferred boiler. Through years of expertise in the industry, our accredited gas, plumbing and boiler engineers will help you assess which brands in the market can give you a reliable, efficient and safe commercial boiler.

    3. Extent of Installation

    The installation process will vary on your building and it can be expensive when switching to a new boiler type. Though, it will cost you less money if the installation will be on the same location as your old boiler.

    4. Labour Costs

    Labour costs can also affect the installation depending on your location and how extensive the work will be.

    Here are some estimates for boiler installations across the UK:

    Getting Your Boiler Installed With Us

    At High Wycombe Plumbing we value your time and money. Thus, we’ll give you enough time to think of your best boiler options by giving you a no-obligation quote.

    We understand that boilers are indeed expensive and require careful consideration before committing to either existing servicing or a brand new installation.

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