Boiler Repairs in High Wycombe

Boiler Repair Service

Do you have a boiler emergency? Whether it’s boiler breakdown or pipe leak, we at High Wycombe Plumbing can provide you with a premium boiler repair service. All of our professionals have the necessary expertise to get your boiler back up and running.

Get Your Boiler Repaired!

    Why Should You Repair Your Boiler With Us?

    Free Callouts

    We are happy to come and inspect and repair your boiler, but if no fixes are done, there’ll never charge you.

    24/7 Bookings

    Emergencies can happen anytime and our experts are ready for that. You can book with us 24/7 and our boiler engineers will be right at your doorstep.

    Fixed Price Repairs

    Repair services may vary on the extent of the damage but we’ll definitely give you a bespoke price.

    High Wycombe Boiler Repair Service

    Client Testimonials

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    How Much Does A Boiler Repair Cost?

    Repairs are crucial especially for emergency cases but it can also be costly. At High Wycombe Plumbing, our accredited engineers can help you assess if the repairs would cost you more money than replacing the whole unit. Here are some factors that can affect the repair costs:

    1. Extent of damage

    Common repairs are either necessary boiler maintenance or spare parts replacement. The average range of cost for boiler maintenance services like cleaning or resetting the pressure is £75 – £100.

    Some boiler brands like Valliant, don’t sell spare parts to the public and only accredited engineers can order them. Our accredited engineers here in High Wycombe Plumbing are more than willing to do that job for you.

    2. Age of Boiler

    Old boilers may tend to have expensive spare parts than the new model.

    3. Location

    Additional costs also depend on one’s location because of certain factors such as ‘hardness’ of water or the mineral content in water which can greatly affect boiler performance.

    4. Time of Repair

    Repair services during weeknights can cost you more money on labour which can reach up to £90 compared to £60 if it’s done during the day.

    Types of Boiler Repair


    • Water/Gas Leaks or Boiler Disruption
    • Minor/Major Spare Parts Replacement
    • Thermostat and Timer Control Issues



    Contact Us

    Our OFTEC approved plumbers can help you regardless of your plumbing problem. Please contact us and we’ll happily assist you!

      Boiler Repair Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

      Do you accept repairs for all types of boilers?

      We at High Wycombe Plumbing cater combi, system and conventional boilers. Currently, we don’t have services available for oil, electric and solid fuel boilers.

      Can all the repair be done in one visit?

      Old boilers may tend to have expensive spare parts than the new model.

      We value your time that’s why we will fix your boiler right away given all the spare parts needed are with us.

      We bring all the parts that are considered as immediate and commonly needed. If the parts needed are not with us, we’ll have the parts transported with the help of our associates and it may take another visit to get your boiler fixed.

      Will I pay anything if there’s no fix done?

      High Wycombe Plumbing have a “No fix, No fee” policy. So if we can’t fix it, you will never be charged!

      What happens if I cancel?

      As long as no fix is done within the 14-day cooling period, you will not be charged. The cooling period starts upon receipt of your quote or delivery of spare parts on your home.

      However, if you request to start the repair within the cooling period, charges may apply which will depend on the progress of the repair done.

      What should I do if I smell gas?

      In case of this emergency, please call for immediate help with Free Gas Emergency Services line on 0800 111 999.